If you’re considering buying an ice sculpture for your upcoming event, it helps to know the type of impact they can have on your guests. Is an ice sculpture center piece really that much more stunning than a bouquet of flowers? Is a bar made of ice really going to impress your guests? Is a logo in ice really going to draw guest attention more effectively than a standard banner? Our answer is a resounding yes, but take a look at the benefits our sculptures provide below and decide for yourself.

Ice sculptures are incredibly original.

Ice sculptures aren’t your run-of-the-mill event decor. At an event such as a wedding, people expect bouquet centerpieces, matching tableware, theme-based lighting, aisle runners, etc., but an ice sculpture of the bride and groom? That isn’t  expected.  Having something completely different that event attendees have never seen before is bound to amaze your guests. An ice sculpture definitely fits the bill.

Ice sculptures are great for promoting at an event and can generate free promotion after an event. 

For events like festivals, grand openings, corporate gatherings, and fundraisers, promoting your company and your sponsors/donors is crucial. There are plenty of ways to spread awareness to event attendees, but not many are as impactful as an ice sculpture of a logo, brand mascot, or company name. A banner, poster, or flier might get missed, but an ice sculpture is something people will gather around to look at and will remember for days, weeks, and maybe even months to come. 

And that’s not even the best part! Most guest attendees can’t resist a good photo op. We have yet to see an event where guests didn’t flock to take pictures with the ice sculpture. When paired with an event hashtag, a sculpture can create an abundance of free assets and social promotion for your company.

Ice sculptures can be used for entertainment. 

Ice sculptures aren’t just for decor; the right sculpture can be used for entertainment purposes as well. Advanced ice sculpting companies can create things like ice luges and ice bars for your event, which will not only wow guests, but also create a unique interaction. Taking a shot or getting a drink via an ice sculpture will definitely add to the fun of the evening and make for an incredibly memorable experience.

ice sculptures for parties

Ice sculptures are incredibly memorable. 

If we haven’t made it clear by now, ice sculptures are incredibly memorable due to how rare they are and the originality of each one. Your ice sculpture won’t just be the first thing guests mention when asked about your event, it will be the reason they bring up the event in the first place.

Ice sculptures are cost-effective. 

For single block ice sculptures, our packages start at $495.00. When considering the attention they draw, the long-lasting impact they can have on guests, and the free promotion they can generate, ice sculptures are a very cost-effective way to generate awareness for your event, or create an experience that is unforgettable.

Get an ice sculpture for your event now!

Sold on the idea of having an ice sculpture at your event? Head over to our ice sculpture page to see what we might be able to create for you.