From one-of-a-kind ice sculptures to next-level live carving shows, and everything in between.

Create a lasting impression at any event.

Unique Entertainment

We’ve made pool tables and pianos out of ice. We’ve created exciting ice luges and ice bars, and perform live ice carving shows. We’ve even made a functioning hookah from ice. Regardless of the type of event you’re throwing, if you’re looking for unique and engaging entertainment, you’ll find it here.

Stunning Decor

From functioning punch dispensers and bowls to giant chandeliers, we can help you impress guests with elegant ice decor that’s never been seen before.

Awe-Inducing Sculptures

Whether you want to create a sculpture in the image of the bride and groom as a wedding gift or thank your event sponsors with a sculpture of their logo, we know we can help you make a big impact.

Engaging Photography

Want to inspire guests to take photos at your event? Because our sculptures are unique and custom designed for your event, they inspire capturing the moment like nothing else. Who can resist taking a photo next to a giant pool table made of ice or a life-size sculpture of Santa?

Conversation Starter

Spreading brand awareness might not be your goal, but it always feels incredible to have people talk positively about your event. Our sculptures often occupy a special place in the memories of attendees and can lead to guests making your event the hot topic of conversation at their next outing.

Large Ice Sculptures

Motorcycles, chandeliers, pool tables, even the statue of liberty — when we say we can make anything out of ice, we mean it. If you have a wild, imaginative idea that you really want to bring to life, we are ready and waiting for the opportunity to make it happen.

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Ice Bars

Nothing gets a party going quite like a bar made entirely out of ice. If you want to blow guests away at the opening of your club or loosen up the corporate networkers at your product launch, an ice bar is a great way to get everyone involved.

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Drink Dispensers & Ice Luges

Our drink dispensers, ice luges, and beverage chillers are literally the coolest! With our single-shooter luges, wine bottle displays, ice mugs and shot glasses, and anything in-between, we serve up the chilliest drinks in town. All drink dispensers and displays are customizable with logos, event theme, names or initials, and even fruit or flowers!

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Logos in Ice

Say goodbye to boring posters, run-of-the-mill banners, and QR codes that — let’s be honest — never get scanned. If you want to spread awareness of your brand, make an impression on employees, or show donors/sponsors some love at your next company event, get a logo or mascot in ice!

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Whether you’re looking for elegant center pieces, a beautiful sculpture of the bride and groom, or fun and functional ice punch bowls, we can help make this special day just a little more special. We understand how important it is that everything be perfect. We have perfected the craft of performing under pressure, and will bring whatever vision you have to life.

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Culinary Displays

A study from Oxford gastrophysicist, Professor Charles Spence, suggests that food presentation can actually make a dish taste better (29% better to be precise), and we would argue that few displays have more of an immediate impact than ice displays. They are unique, exciting, and serve the functional purpose of keeping cool dishes at the perfect temperature. If you want to elevate the food at your next event, a stunning ice bowl or culinary display is a fantastic option.

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Get the holiday spirit flowing at your next event with sculptures that can make even the biggest of Scrooges feel cheery. Our ice sculptures can be customized for any holiday celebration, whether it’s a family gathering, winter festival, religious ceremony, or group event!

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Theme Sculptures

Have a specific theme in mind for your event? We can help you bring it to life with ice sculptures that enhance every other aspect of your decor. From movie themes like Alice in Wonderland to stylistic themes like Steampunk, we would love to help you create a truly spectacular atmosphere for your event.

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Live Shows

If you’re looking for serious entertainment for your event, don’t just buy an ice sculpture — have one carved live. Having had our own TV show on the Food Network, we know what goes into creating true entertainment, and our live ice carving never disappoints.

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Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers.

“These guys are AMAZING! the things they do with ice, let’s just say the sky is the limit. Everyone here is super friendly and easy to talk with. I recommend using them to put the ICE-ing on any event!!!”

– Melanie Davis

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