We specialize in memorable entertainment and eye-catching decor that can make your corporate event the talk of the town.

Ice Sculptures

We can carve just about anything from ice including your logo, mascot, product and more.

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Photo Booths

From the elegant enchanted mirror, to roaming gif and boomerang booths, or the graffiti selfie wall, we have something for everyone.

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Silent Discos

Get the fun of a dance party without the hassle of managing loud music in your event space.

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Impress Guests with Eye-Catching Ice Sculptures

There is no better way to draw your guests’ attention than with an incredible ice sculpture. We’ve made full pool tables and bars out of ice, sculpted colorful ice logos, and created every holiday-related sculpture you can think of from Santa’s sleigh to giant Easter eggs. Enjoy free social promotion from guests who can’t help but take pictures next to your sculpture, and awe sponsors and investors with stunning displays that show off their companies.

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Sculptures Last for Duration of Event

Delivery Included within 50 Miles of Grand Rapids

Enjoy Guest-Generated Social Media Visibility

Entertain Guests and Gain Brand Visibility with Photo Booths

We offer a variety of photo booth experiences that can be customized to incorporate your brand, products, and services. Because our photos are stored digitally, you will have access to all photos that are taken throughout the night, as well as the emails of each person who requests their photos. This makes our photo booths not just great for entertaining guests, but for boosting your post-event marketing efforts.

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Assigned Attendant to Help Manage Booth for You

Delivery Included within 50 Miles of Grand Rapids

Branded Event Photography that Generates Itself

Make the Most of Your Space with a Silent Disco

Our Silent Disco headphone rentals are good for more than just dance parties. They can be used for multilingual simulcasts, seminars, theaters, and more. So whether you want to get people up and on their feet, or have something a little more tame in mind, you can make the absolute most of your space by sending sound via wireless headsets instead of over speakers.

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Can Be Used for Seminars, Multilingual Simulcasts, and More

Multiple Channels to Accommodate Different Tastes/Needs

Attendant to Help Manage Technology

What do you get when you work with Ice Guru?

Social Media Marketing

Guests love capturing the moment and sharing it, and our incredible sculptures are the perfect attraction to pose with to create the perfect post! Plus, your business and brand will benefit from the social media content generated by guests, enhancing your platform and visibility through sharable content across your own social channels

Impress Your Sponsors

When businesses showcase their sponsors and donors it is usually with a predictable poster or banner. Gifting your sponsors a full ice sculpture at your event is a stellar way to show them you appreciate their support.

Email Marketing List

Guests who use our photo booths submit their emails in order to receive digital copies of their pictures. At the end of the night, you’ll have a full email list of everyone who used the photo booth at your event.

Increase Word of Mouth

Whether it be the unique experience our photo booths have to offer, the “wow” factor of our ice sculptures, or the fun that comes with our silent discos, your guests are bound to talk about your event for months to come.

Draw Guest Attention

Ice sculptures are not a mainstream type of decor and are often underrated as an advertising or marketing tactic. Due to their charm, they are bound to draw a lot of attention, making them perfect for promoting a product or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ice Sculptures

  • How long do the ice sculptures last?
    We design our ice sculptures with the duration of your event in mind. Whether your event is an hour long or eight hours long, we’ll make sure your ice sculpture is around for every second of it!
  • When will my ice sculpture be delivered?
    Delivery and pick-up times are entirely up to you, though depending on your ice sculpture, we may recommend scheduling delivery an hour or more before the event to allow our team time to set up.
  • What is your delivery range?
    We deliver within the greater Grand Rapids area and far beyond. Delivery is free within 50 miles — additional delivery fees apply for any distance outside of this range.

Photo Booths

  • What is your delivery range?
    We deliver within the greater Grand Rapids area and far beyond. Delivery is free within 50 miles — additional delivery fees apply for any distance outside of this range.
  • What set-up do I need to perform?
    We will perform any setup needed. We will also have an attendant on hand for the duration of your event to help you manage the booth.
  • How big are your photo booths?
    Our photo booths vary in size depending on the set-up. With green screen or backdrop set-ups, photo booths are approximately 10’ by 10’ with the exception of our selfie graffiti wall which is 20 ’x 20’.
  • Do the photo booths require a power source?
    Yes, our booths require a 110-volt power outlet.
  • Can the photo booths be used outside?
    Yes, but it is better for them to be inside. If they are outside, they should be in a shaded and covered area so it isn’t difficult for your guests to see the screen.

Silent Disco

  • What is a Silent Disco?
    Music is transmitted into wireless headphones in place of a speaker system. Often, at least two DJs are vying for the attention of the listeners, playing their unique mix through transmitters with a direct channel to the headphones. Guests and partygoers can switch between channels on their headsets, allowing the crowd to “silently” dance, dance, dance!
  • Who takes care of the music?
    You take care of the music yourself. Every transmitter needs to be connected to a separate device, such as a mobile phone or laptop. This can be up to three DJ’s, Spotify playlists, band vs band playlist, etc.
  • What’s included when I book a silent disco?
    We include the number of headphones reserved for your event, (up to) three transmitters, cables, and instructions (depending package selection, an on-site tech guru may also be included).
  • Do I need main power electricity?
    No, not really! All the headphones work on a rechargeable battery that last for 8-10 hours, and transmitters connect directly to the device/system you’re playing music from. All headphone units are fully charged prior to each event.
  • What happens in case of damage or loss of equipment?
    For small damages which can be fixed, we may charge a small repair fee. In cases of loss or irreparable damage, we unfortunately have to charge $50 per headphone replacement. Transmitters that are damaged or lost will result in a $300 replacement fee.
  • How does a transmitter work?
    With one transmitter you can create one music channel. You have to connect every transmitter to a different music device, for example, your mobile phone. We give you up to 3 transmitters depending on your event needs. There is a hefty replacement fee for lost or damaged transmitters.
  • What is your delivery range?
    We deliver within the greater Grand Rapids area and far beyond. Delivery is free within 50 miles- additional delivery fees apply for any distance outside of this range.

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