What can be sculpted out of ice? 

What can be sculpted is only limited to your imagination and the skill of the artist, and trust us when we say, Ice Guru Event’s has the skill to bring your wildest, icy dreams to life. Just take a look at this incredible sculpture we made for the Eastown Hookah Lounge. 

How is an ice sculpture made? 

Ice sculptures are typically carved from premium blocks of ice called Clinebell blocks. These blocks of ice are created by Clinebell machines which ensure there are no bubbles or impurities that could ruin the sculpture during the sculpting process. Professional sculptors use any number of tools including chainsaws, hand saws, chisels, ice tongs, jigs, compasses, chippers, and CNC technology, to create their sculptures in temperature controlled rooms.

How long does an ice sculpture last? 

How long an ice sculpture lasts is dependent on a number of factors including the shape, size, and mass of the sculpture, the temperature in which the sculpture is kept, the amount of sunlight the sculpture is exposed to, and air circulation. At Ice Guru, however, we design our sculptures with the duration of your event in mind, so you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Can color be added to an ice sculpture?

Yes, we actually designed a method that is used as an industry standard now. We mix the color with unflavored gelatin, then pour it into the area that needs to be colored. The yeast in the gelatin ensures that the color does not bleed out as it becomes solid once the gelatin sets. Other methods include dying blocks of ice or printing colored designs onto acetate which can then be frozen into the ice sculpture.

How long does it take to make an ice sculpture? 

As you might expect, the time it takes to make an ice sculpture depends on the size and design of the sculpture. Something as simple as a logo may only take three to five hours, but more complex projects could take 2 days or more. 

How much does an ice sculpture weigh? 

Generally speaking, a single block ice sculpture weighs between 150-250 lbs and a two-block ice sculpture between 300-500 lbs. That being said, the actual weight depends on the design of the sculpture. 

When should an ice sculpture be delivered? 

You want your ice sculpture to last as long as possible so all of your guests can enjoy it, so we recommend having your ice sculpture delivered as close to the event start time as possible. For most of our customers, this is about three hours before the event begins, depending on the temperature the sculpture is being placed in.

How much does an ice sculpture cost? 

For our sculptures, a single block ice sculpture starts at $495.00 and a double block ice sculpture starts at $795.00. We offer a variety of add-on options, including color, 3D sculptures, and high end customizations, like a functioning ice chandelier, pinball machine, and life size, detailed sculptures of people and places. For additional pricing information, you can visit our ice sculpture package page.

What type of ice is used for ice sculptures? 

Clear ice blocks produced by a Clinebell machine are what most ice sculptures use. CLinebell machines produce crystal clear blocks instead of the cloudy cubes that are formed in freezers.

Why do ice sculptures not melt? 

Ice sculptures do melt, but they may take a little longer than you would expect. This is due to the thickness and size of most ice sculptures..

Have any other questions about ice sculptures? 

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to talk through any concerns you have and brainstorm ideas for your event. You can get in touch with us here